Research and Design


My process of research and design goes as follows:


First I gather data — stories, statistics, concepts, arguments, and state of the art practices.  Each bit of data is brought to a center as depicted in the arrows going to the center.images


Then I organize the information around central themes, creating convoluted “yarn balls.”  The strings of yarn at various levels of the ball get entangled, then I dis-entangle them, they get caught up in more knots, and I either untie them, cut them, or keep them tied.  With the double helix model, I hang the data on the model like unknowndecorations get hung on a Christmas Tree.

As I free strands from the yarn balls, their proper positions become clear, and I radiate the information out as communication of the theory.




The process is similar to matter-energy entering a black hole, getting lost, then finding its way back out in the form of radiation.