You Are Two and We Are One: a story of our brain and the communication of conjoined twins

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The “saw blade” pattern used to depict the interplay between conscious and subconscious perceptions.

The double helix theory assumes an interplay between our consciousness and the subconsciousness that accompanies it.  Between the two spirals, the conscious side (depicted as yellow) flows back and forth with the subconscious side (depicted as blue).  Not to make a fine point of it, I illustrate this with a “sawblade” pattern, but it is surely a more fluid process than that.

We can study two abnormalities to better understand the communication between the conscious and the subconscious.The first is about people who have had the connection cut between the right and left sides of the brain.

Although the individuals who have had this done continue to experience reality as a unified field of consciousness, tricks can be played on them so that they say contradictory things about the same item without realizing it.  For a detailed demonstration, watch the following short film, “You Are Two” (5 mins.):

Similar tricks can be played on people with normal brains, such as using mirrors to get rid of phantom limb chronic pain or to generate an out-of-body experience or to stimulate the nerve endings to activate a robotic limb.

Perhaps nature itself (with some medical help) has provided us with an even stranger example of intuitive communication between the brains of conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel (45 mins., but first 5 mins. will give you the idea):

What impressed me straight away was how their different personalities (fast and loud, slow and quiet) have converged to accommodate each other for maximal cooperation and coordination.  Fortunately the parents are accepting, loving, protective and parental at the same time.  The only way they could have beat the odds.

The twins could be hampered by getting in each other’s way at every step of the day, but instead they continually find ways to move each other forward together and in tandem.  Although they will never be as coordinated as a star athlete, their communication is so embedded between them that there is an intuition that goes beyond the five senses.  It is almost as though their brain waves are super-positioned in relation to each other.

Living cheek to cheek.

Since there are no secrets between them and they have to do everything together, there is a stronger flow of subconscious material that they both process simultaneously.  This gives them more ways to be honest with others as well, since they can temper and help explain each other while they monitor the responses of those on their receiving end.

Just watch them for any length of time and if your mirror neurons are functioning, you can’t help but experience your own “two brains” differently.  If Abby and Brittany can be such good friends (soul mates), then shouldn’t there be more compassion between our conscious and subconscious minds?

Thanks to Donald T. Saposnek, PhD, for showing me the videos and asking how they relate to my theory.