Persimmon stems make a spinner string.

The persimmon fruit attached to the twig and leaf by a stem that forms a wave around the top of the fruit.


The dried stems, looking like propellers.


Persimmon stems threaded with seeds to form a spinner strand.

Close up of spinner strand. Blow on it and watch the stems spin!





This was a fun, but frustrating, project.  Along with the persimmon stems, I used a bunch of seeds that I had collected and drilled when I was in high school and threaded them with a thin needle.  The problem was, any time the string got the least tangled, it wound around the crenellations of the stems, making it impossible to disentangle!  Twice I had to cut the thread and start over until I set up a system to prevent tangling.  The result is gratifying but fragile.







Ready to eat (but not the stem)!